Stonebridge Apartments Murder Alarms Residents

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(Memphis) Memphis Police are investigating a deadly robbery in a part of town that doesn’t see much violent crime.

Some people who live at the Stonebridge Crossing Apartment complex on Highway 64 in Cordova near Lakeland are waiting for answers after a man was killed in their community.

Right now police do not have a suspect in custody, and they aren’t releasing any information about who the shooter may be, but they do say one man is dead after a robbery turned into murder.

Erano Santos was shot and killed.

Walking by a crime scene investigation van is not very comforting for Debbie Melder.

“It does surprise me because it is quiet around here, but then again it doesn’t surprise me because it goes on everywhere,” said Melder.

Though a murder is very uncommon and alarming in this part of town Linda Cerbo says burglary and robbery is becoming too common leading to a horrifying scenes like parts of the Stonebridge Apartments blocked off with caution tape because one of her neighbor’s bodies is on the ground.

“Anybody can get shot here. There are a lot of thefts in here. A lot of burglaries and I don’t want to say anything bad about management but I don’t think they’re doing enough,” said Cerbo.

Cerbo and her neighbor Michael Warren say the apartment’s property managers put out signs that say the area is under video surveillance, but then they never put up the cameras.

“I’ve been trying to get them to get cameras here for a while, but they say they can’t afford it,” said Warren.

Warren has a newborn at home one says he may have to move somewhere he feels more safe.

“They’ve been having some crime here lately, but since they got the gate fixed it’s been nice, but to hear there has been a shooting and a homicide here it’s been very alarming,” said Warren.

Stonebridge property managers told us they didn’t want to give a statement until after Memphis Police wrap up their investigation, but at this point all MPD is saying is that a man was killed her Saturday in a robbery gone bad.

So far police are not identifying that man and they are not giving out any information about the person or persons who may be responsible.