Memphis Woman Files Police Brutality Lawsuit

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman is asking for $10 million in damages from the City of Memphis after Memphis Police allegedly beat her during an arrest in early July.

MPD were called to Laquita Hathaway’s home by her live-in boyfriend, who claimed she was throwing plates at him.

Police reported that when they arrived, “she was holding a large kitchen knife in her hand and was ordered several times to drop the knife.”

The affidavit goes onto say Hathaway punched three officers and bit one of them.

But her attorney Carlos Moore has a different version of events.

“There was some cursing that went on between my client and the officers. He basically called her a b**** and she told him not to call her a b****. He punched her in her right eye  My client says she tried to defend herself because he was the aggressor and she bit him on his hand at that point other officers jumped in and they beat her to a pulp,” said Moore.

The lawsuit was filed in Shelby County Circuit Court and Hathaway also filed a complaint with MPD Internal Affairs, which will investigate the incident.

The city of Memphis has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit.

Hathaway’s neighbors reported she was a “fighter”.

And despite her long record of arrest, Moore claims the forced that was used was excessive.

“She has suffered two black eyes, contusion to the head, to the back and she has bruises on her arms,” added Moore.