Woman Accused Of Trying To Take Unconscious Mother From Hospital

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(Memphis) A bizarre story that gets stranger and stranger.

Police say a South Memphis woman tried to take her elderly mother from Methodist South Hospital.

We’re told Tina Vaughn tried to wheel her out Wednesday from the Whitehaven hospital, and pulled out a weapon to do it.

But that’s just the beginning.

The security at the hospital called this quite the scene, actually “a scene of a lifetime,” but stranger yet, Vaughn might have taken her mother before.

“She got very aggressive with our staff,” said Florence Jones, the chief nursing officer at Methodist South.

“Very aggressive” is a polite way of saying what Vaughn is accused of.

Police say she wheeled her unconscious, elderly mother out of her hospital room and out the front door of Methodist South. When security tried to stop her, police say Vaughn swung at them with a crutch and charged at them with a pocket knife.

Security tells News Channel 3, Vaughn planned to take her mother home on a MATA Bus – hospital bed and all!

“With the modern day hospital bed, you can move it with one person and one hand,” said Jones.

It’s Vaughn who got wheeled to jail, and Jones says Vaughn’s mother is now safe.

We stopped by Vaughn’s home to try and figure out why she wanted her mom home so bad.

“For the last week she has been staying there in that car,” said neighbor Harold Matthews.  “So I guess she couldn’t get in the house.”

Matthews lives across the street from Vaughn and says this week she’s been sleeping in the car but last week, and for two months prior, she’s been bringing her mother home once or twice a week from the hospital, sometimes on a MATA bus.

He says an ambulance comes to take her back.

“Every time she goes to the hospital, all these policeman cars come,” said Matthews. “I mean it’s five to six police cars every time! So, I don’t know what that`s all about.”

Matthews says he tries to mind his own business, but the whole situation has sparked his curiosity.

Neither police nor the hospital has confirmed whether Vaughn has taken her mother before. She’s in jail on a $50,000 bond.