Sex Offender Attacks Housekeeper

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(Cordova) Police say a known sex offender used Craigslist to lure a housekeeper to his house and then sexually assault her.

The man accused is 55-year-old Arnold Briggs, who lives on Macon Road.

The victim didn't want to go on camera, but says Briggs told her his name was Alex and that when she got to his house, she cleaned and everything was fine until he made his move.

She says it happened in a cabin surrounded by woods on July 9th.

The woman says she responded to a request on Craiglist to clean his house.

But once there, police say Briggs wanted more than maid service. They say he put his hand under her shirt and her pants, then sexually assaulted her.

According to court records, Briggs asked the housekeeper if she could stay for two more hours for 50 more dollars.

“Wow! That's wild,” said Katherine Murley, a housekeeper who also uses Craigslist to get new clients. “I have gotten some good ones from Craigslist and I have gotten some very sketchy stops from Craigslist.”

After five years in the business, Murley says she's learned how to weed people out.

“When people won't tell you their last name, that is a red flag," she said. "I Google search everybody that I talk to.”

And when she meets people for the fire time, she doesn't meet them alone.

“My husband always comes with me to meet people," she said. "I carry mace with me. I am very cautious.”

Cautious of meeting people like Briggs, a man arrested for aggravated rape in 1987 and convicted of sexually battery. Now, he’s accused of sex crimes again.

“That's scary. That's really scary,” said Murley.

Briggs is currently in jail with a bond set at $80,000

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