Mid-South Farmers Look For Better Ways to Grow Food


(Memphis) Dozens of farmers, researchers and chemical company representatives met Thursday at Agricenter International’s fields to see what new products on the market will help ensure the food we eat is safe and free of contamination.

“With the technologies we have, we have to be good stewards of the land. We make sure things like that never happen,” said Bob Johnson with FMC Corporation.

In the U.S., farmers must be certified to spray potentially dangerous chemicals.

If farmers show up to the Agricenter Fields Day, it helps them stay certified. It’s also a way to see new products in person.

“You can read it in a magazine, but being visual is a little bit different,” said Johnson.

Wayman Holt works as a middle man for companies and farmers. He attended field day to see what products would benefit the farmers he works with.

“Our farmers are struggling keeping weeds out of the fields. Some of these technologies look like they have the ability to help our farmers out,” said Holt, who is with Home Oil Company.

If new technologies eliminate problems for farmers, it’s good for our wallets.

“The better we can do producing crops, it’s only going to be better for the consumer in the end. It will be cheaper for them,” said Bruce Kirksey, who is with Agricenter International.

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