Chicago Steakhouse’s Recipe For Pork Roulade

Pork Roulade

1 pork tenderloin
4-6oz of pork sausage
4oz fresh baby spinach
1/2 cup Minced shallots or onions
Minced garlic 1Tbsp.

"Butterfly" tenderloin and pound til about 1/4" thin. Season with salt & pepper & garlic. Place other ingredients on flat tenderloin. Using plastic wrap, roll the tenderloin like a sushi roll. Wrap tightly in plastic, best if done 24 hours in advance.

Chipotle Maple Jus

12oz maple syrup
1 juice from a can of chipotle peppers
1/2 a stick of butter

Bring syrup and adobo sauce to simmer. Melt in butter. Keep warm for serving.

Recipes courtesy of Chef Christopher Zelinski from the Chicago Steakhouse at Gold Strike Tunica.
For more information about the restaurant visit their website, or call 662-357-1225 for reservations.


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