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Single-Engine Plane Crashes In Collierville

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(Collierville, TN) A plane crashed in the front yard of a Collierville home, near the Carriage Crossing shopping center.

Even with the plane on fire, both people inside walked away with just a few cuts.

It happened Wednesday around 4 p.m. near East Shelby Drive and Reynolds Road.

Mary Lou Mills watched the plane go down as she drove down Reynolds Road. She captured the aftermath of the crash on her cell phone.

"It was just really low to the ground and then it started to tilt," she said.

The owner of the plane, Marvin Shakelford, said his two friends had just taken off from a private airfield about a mile away when something went wrong.

"He said there was a loud 'pop' and it just quit and this was the best option he had," he said.

There wasn't much much room to glide, so when they tried to land in the yard, the plane clipped a tree.

"It hit a little tree and spun around in a pond and then caught on fire. There isn't anything left except the wing tip and that tail," Shakelford said.

Amazingly, both men inside the plane had only minor injuries.

"One had a little cut on his head, so he has to have three or four stitches, but not anything major," Shakelford said.

The FAA says the plane's classification is experimental and categorizes it as amateur built.

Shakelford said he has owned the homemade plane for six years and will have to wait for the NTSB investigation to find out what caused it to fail.