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Changes to Memphis Civil Service Commission Proposed

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(Memphis) With a back log of more than 70 cases, Memphis City administration and employee unions said they have come up with changes to the Civil Service Commission that will make the system more efficient.

The Civil Service Commission hears the cases of city employees who have been disciplined or terminated and then decides whether to uphold or reverse those decisions.

“When you get ready and you’re prepared, both sides the attorneys are prepared and the day before you get notification the commission can’t get together based on conflicting schedules,” said Memphis Firefighters Association President Thomas Malone.

In the past, the commission required three members for each hearing.

The changes will require one hearing officer and will increase the number of commissioners from seven to 14. The changes will also pay the commissioners up to $400 for one day.

Right now, commissioners volunteer.

“We have one case that’s been set four times for trail and been canceled every time.  If you’re sitting there waiting for a couple of years that a real hardship on the individual and their families,” said Malone.

City Council can approve some of the changes but voters will have to decide to change part of the commission that is a part of the city charter.

A vote could come later this year.