Who’s Tagging The Streets Of Horn Lake?

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(Horn Lake, MS) Horn Lake Police have taken to Facebook to figure out who put graffiti on city streets and a water tower.

The graffiti first showed up on the pavement around the Fourth of July at Church Street, east of Tulane.

Police don't know if it's gang related or not, but that's the first thing Melissa Freeman thought when she saw it at the foot of her driveway.

"It's kind of scary. It makes you think there are gangs out there. It's threatening because we feel like we are out in the country still,"  said Freeman.

Vandals also tagged a water tower at the intersection of Church and Tulane.

More than 70 people from Horn Lake have already commented on Facebook about the graffiti.

Some say it's the work if the Traveling Vice Lords and say crime from Memphis continues to creep their way.

"It is coming to Horn Lake. It is. That is true," said Linda Wilson.

Horn Lake Police aren't saying if they have gotten any good leads from the Facebook post.

The city has put a fence around the water tower to prevent anyone else from climbing and defacing it.