Shelby Co. Election Prep Reduces Voting Mistakes

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(Arlington, TN) The outcome of Tuesday’s vote could pave the way for Shelby County’s suburbs to open their own school districts.

Alexandra Severson lives in Arlington and says she wouldn’t miss today’s vote.

“I think people are very impassioned about this issue and I hope people understand they have to come out and vote today,” said Severson.

Shelby County’s Election Commission is feeling the pressure and hoping today’s elections go off without a hitch.

“Certainly there’s always anxiety and I think sports is a good analogy. We want to perform well and for this to be a service to the public,” said Commission Chairman Robert Myers.

Myers says after the last school referendum, people got the wrong ballots, so this time they double checked every address to make sure all voters go to the right poll and get the right ballot.

“It’s been a many month-long process. There has been a team of dedicated people at county IT who have done that,” said Myers.

Myers says there have been no complaints or voter problems.

“People largely feel like they’ve already spoken so in many ways it’s a rerun and I think there is some voter fatigue about the issue,” said Myers.