Mother Of 11 Needs Help After Fire

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(Memphis) A mother caring for 11 children needs your help.

We first told you about Trudy Malone when she lost her North Memphis home to an electrical fire back in May. Now she's about to move in to a new place, but she'll be starting over.

The simple pleasures in life and good company are helping to get the Malone family through some trying times.

“I am enjoying them, but it's getting a little hectic sometimes,” said Darren Caroll.

Caroll is letting his sister and all her children stay with him after their house burned down.

Malone cares for ten of her children and one grandchild, and losing everything to a fire has been tough.

“Food and all that,” said Trudy.  “It's been hard.”

“I am standing by her one hundred percent,” said Darren.

Darren has provided the children food, shelter and transportation for two months, but Tuesday the Malone family is heading out on their own.

After saving up $1,300, Trudy got the keys this week to a new place. The family is moving in Tuesday night, but will be sleeping on the floor.

“They need stuff,” said Darren. “...It's empty.”

Trudy says she can buy furniture herself but it’s just going to take time. Her brother hopes the community will help out so the children don't have to wait.

“They just need a little help,” said Darren. “A little more help than what they got now.”

If you would like to help Trudy, she is looking for clothes for children ages 1 to 16 years old and is looking for everything to furnish her new place, especially beds and dressers.

You can get in touch with Trudy by calling 901-406-7891.