Germantown Residents Focus on Building Better District

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(Germantown, TN) Residents overwhelming voted in favor of creating a city school district in the wake of a state mandate for county and city schools to combine.

Residents in Germantown voted to break away from the new, larger Shelby County district and create their own hyper local city district.

Residents approved the issue months ago, but a judge threw out that election, saying it wasn't properly done.

Lawyers intervened and now residents voted again. Seven-thousand-five-hundred residents are in favor of the new city district, while slightly more than 500 were against it.

"When we get such great results, no one regrets this journey, it's a journey a ways from getting done. but we'll take it one step, one destination at a time", said Sharon Goldsworthy, mayor of Germantown.

The city had already elected a school board, but that election was tossed out by the judge as well, so board members will have to run again as well.