Sharknado Movie Takes Social Media By Storm

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How could a TV movie starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid not attract mass audiences…

Twitter and Facebook were filled with chatter about the low budget TV movie.

SyFy channel’s “Sharknado” was apparently one of those too bad to turn away events.

The TV movie centers around a freak storm that fills the streets of L.A. with water and sharks.

“It’s one of those crazy movies that if you read the script you couldn’t even imagine how they were going to direct this because it’s so outlandish,” said star Ian Ziering said. “I mean, there are sharks falling out of the sky! How do you shoot that?! It’s a movie where Category 5 hurricanes descend on Los Angeles and water spouts out over the ocean, pulls up marine life and floods the inland areas and drop sharks.”

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