Moderation Of Salt Consumption Is Still Key

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(Germantown, TN) They know barbeque at Germantown Commissary and they're not afraid to use a little salt when they dish up their pork. It keeps the customers coming back, even if it's not the world's healthiest lunch.

Many of us have cut back on salt due to the government guidelines and doctors' warnings - all of it to keep you heart healthy.

But the CDC recently said the amount of salt intake is no longer a substantial health hazard.

“Sodium is not good or bad”, said Nicole Meredith, nurse practitioner. “We need it for our bodies for our heart functions.”

Before you start ordering a slab of ribs for every meal, nurse Meredith said the Centers for Disease Control isn't giving you a free pass. Three teaspoons a day, that's the new amount.

“You still have to moderate how much salt you take in”, said Meredith.

The guidelines don’t really change if you’re over 51, African-American or have diabetes or high blood pressure.