Products Claim To Put Hair Back On Your Head

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Daniel Greenslate is a 25-year-old personal trainer and aspiring actor.

Over the past few years, he has noticed that his hair is thinning, and he is looking for a solution.

Daniel is concerned that losing his hair could end up costing him acting jobs in the future.

"Toppik" and "Caboki" are two different products that make very similar claims.

They are colored fibers that bond to your existing hair, thus giving you the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair.

Daniel tried "Caboki" first and shook the fibers onto the affected area.

They did a great job covering up his scalp, and the balding areas disappeared.

Daniel used hairspray to hold everything in place, and was very pleased with the results.

Next, he tried "Toppik" and used the optional spray nozzle.

The nozzle allows him to target specific areas, and like "Caboki," "Toppik" did a great job at concealing Daniel's thinning hair.

As a personal trainer, and someone who enjoys working out, Daniel wants to make sure that the "Caboki" and "Toppik" fibers won't come out when he sweats.

Daniel put himself through an intense workout, and despite a lot of sweat, the fibers were still where they should be.

Both "Caboki" and "Toppik" were able to do what they claimed, and Daniel was very pleased with the results.

They both PASS our "Does it Work?" test.

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