Collierville Mall Robbery Suspects Pick Up $3 Million Dollar Bonds And No Loot

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(Collierville) Collierville likes its reputation as a quiet family-oriented community and a recent robbery in broad daylight has many concerned. The robbery happened at the Avenue of Carriage Crossing which as the area’s newest mall draws shoppers from all over the Mid-South. Collierville is now sending a message to crooks. Two guys arrested in the robbery picked up bonds bigger than some guys arrested for murder.

The Collierville Police Department says yesterday’s robbery at Carriage Crossing is an isolated incident because they monitor the popular shopping area closely. They assign at least one officer to the mall at all times. Times like today there are even more, we saw two.

“ I think anytime you have a large retail area, you’re going to have an element that’s going to try and come out and prey on individuals,” said Asst. Chief Jeff Ablen, Collierville Police Dept.

Mall general manager, Susan Eads, believes the presence of Collierville cops at Carriage Crossing helps a lot. She says they along with mall security and undercover cops working in the big anchor stores, keeps crime to a minimal. Last week they sniffed out a shoplifter before he got a chance to strike any Carriage Crossing store.

She said, “He had merchandise in his car. He had shop lifting tools as well as some drugs so they are on it. They know the known shop lifters and Collierville has quite a reputation for strict penalties.”

She believes those stiff penalties keep the thieves and thugs from returning. Collierville’s judge arraigned yesterday’s robbery suspects the same day giving Patrick Riley and David Yancy each at $3million bond.

“I think that would keep criminals away from Collierville,” said Tanya Jacobi, Collierville shopper.

She added, “That is a lot of money because my brother was killed by a drunk driver and he only had like a $75,000 bond.”

Collierville police say some of their crime is homegrown but a lot comes from people like these guys who traveled from Memphis. Officers say they just want to take advantage of people in a large retail area. The mall general manager heard the two robbery suspects wanted money because they’d carjacked a woman in Memphis and needed to put gas in the tank.