MPD Investigates Theft Of Officer’s Gun, Uniform And More

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(Memphis) Memphis Police said Monday they are looking into an incident over the weekend where a MPD gun was stolen from the car of and officer while he was off-duty.

The incident occurred Friday, July 5th, when the officer and a woman he was with came out of Sekisui Pacific Rim in the 4700 block of Poplar to find two men breaking into the officer’s truck.

In an attempt to get away, police reported the men almost hit the woman.

Taken from the truck were the officer’s uniform, badge, duty weapon, two magazines, handcuffs and his police-issued radio.

Also taken were the officer’s personal handgun, another magazine and several other items.

Police have since recovered several items, but said Monday the gun and magazines remain on the streets.

MPD will then decide if they will discipline the officer.

This was the policy released by MPD’s Public Information Officer Sgt. Karen Rudolph Monday:

Firearms Safety, Safekeeping, and Proficiency Qualifications Standards for all Commissioned Officers

A. Officer's Responsibility for Safety of Firearms, Ammunition, and Handcuffs:

1. Officers are responsible for keeping both on duty and off duty firearms, ammunition, and all issued equipment under safe and protected conditions, especially preventing their use, theft, tampering, or damage by others. This responsibility extends when the firearm is carried on the person, or stored in any place. This responsibility extends to officers when in both on duty and off duty status. Officers should take all necessary steps to prevent the loss or theft of firearms.

2. Guidelines for safe and proper storage of firearms:

  • · Vehicles - Placing or locking a weapon in a glove compartment or trunk should not be considered safe in itself. However, a secured device such as a gun safe, which is fixed and attached to the vehicle, would be a safe measure.
  • · On duty: Loaded or unloaded firearms shall be kept in a locked case, safe, rack, drawer, or other secure device when not worn by officers.
  • · Home: All Firearms and ammunition shall be maintained in a secure location in the home, and

Secured by a device or mechanism (such as a cable lock), other than the firearm safety mechanism, designed to render a firearm temporarily inoperable; or Placed in a securely locked safe or container.

Police have a good description of the suspects and their vehicle that were capture in surveillance video breaking into another truck at a nearby restaurant.

Meantime, the officer will be issued another weapon while MPD investigates. They ask anyone who might know about the crime to call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.