Investigators Working Third Murder Of 2013 In Lafayette County, MS

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(Lafayette County, MS) Saturday morning, a body was found inside an abandoned car on a county road east of Oxford.

People living near where the body was found have been left with an uneasy feeling.

Lafayette County 407 is a narrow, winding and usually quiet road east of Oxford.

Patrick Robinson, who lives nearby, says it was anything but quiet Saturday morning after he and his family reported an abandoned car by an open field.

"We did approach the vehicle and we saw that things looked a little different, a little fishy," he said. "And so we just sort of left it until the Sheriff's Department was able to come."

Robinson says when Lafayette County deputies arrived, they made a startling discovery,

"That's when they found the body in the the vehicle," Robinson said.

It was 24-year old Jonathon Malone of Abbeville, Miss., dead from a gunshot.

The only thing else Lafayette County Deputies will say is they are actively looking for suspects.

Malone is the third murder victim in Lafayette County since the beginning of 2013.

The recent murder has left Patrick Robinson and his family uneasy, and they say they feel their serene country life is being threatened.

"We don't want to have a problem with crime and things of that nature," Robinson said. "But unfortunately the times that we live in it seems to happen almost everywhere you go."

Robinson says deputies routinely patrol this part of Lafayette County, but he and his neighbors will now have to worry about staying safe in their homes.

"Definitely a more watchful eye," he said. "And being a little more diligent in setting our alarms and things of that nature in our homes."

An arrest has been made in only one of the three Lafayette County murders this year.

If you can help solve the other two, call Oxford Police or Lafayette County Crime Stoppers.