Church Camp Offers Students Leadership Skills

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(Memphis) Serving others is the topic of the day at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church's Camp LEAD, where teens are realizing their leadership potential.

"I wasn't that type of person to go out and try to help somebody, but coming to this camp I've learned how to make myself better," said 16-year-old Thomas Norton.

Camp LEAD, which stands for Loving Each Adolescent Divinely, includes students from all over the city.

At the camp, students can open up about real situations and find solutions.

"Believe it or not, it is young kids out here that want to hurt themselves and dislike their lives because it seems as though no one cares. Here at Camp LEAD they care
and they show us this," said 17-year-old Darrien Perkins.

Once the youth find their way, they can help others.

"I love to help people, help them find their purpose, know who they are. Help lead them to God," said 17-year-old Jasmine Burns.

"You find yourself running through life trying to find purpose. You are searching through different places. We want them to be able to find it in God and what God made you," said Youth Minister Clifton Taylor.

They also express what they learn through art.

"I believe the King is the head of the earth and the Lord is the head of the heaven," said Jaqurious Smith, as he describes a drawing he was creating.

Young people are finding their passion -- sometimes right here at home.

"In chapel today, we were praying over a fellow student. He is going to the Navy today. It's such a blessing, but I also feel like I can also stay in the neighborhood and serve and help people around me,"  said Perkins.

A part of the camp also includes the students going before a panel and presenting what they have learned.

Camp LEAD  runs until the end of July.

It's been such a big hit, church leaders say they plan to offer it again.