Shootings Break Out Before Downtown Fireworks Show

(Memphis) People coming to see a fireworks show downtown last night also saw fireworks of a different kind.

When it was over, two people were shot, along with a large fight breaking out.

News Channel 3 wanted to know if the police presence was strong enough at the public event.

Lt. Col. Gloria Bullock said, “I believe we were as prepared as you can be if we were going to have a large event. Could we always use more officers? Of course, we can.”

Bullock says MPD's security plan for last night's big fireworks show worked well. She says they had about 200 officers working the area.

“I think we did really well. That large of a crowd and we only had those two events. Any event we don't want to occur. Still, we consider ourselves quite lucky,” said Bullock.

She points to the quick capture of 18-year-old Tashun Jenkins.

He was arrested for shooting a 13-year-old boy when he fired a gun into the crowd. She expects an arrest soon for the suspect who shot and injured a 16-year-old nearby.

She says it appears unsupervised juveniles were the problem.

We talked to the suspect’s family about his arrest.

His brother, Anthony said, “Tashun wasn't a bad kid. He is a straight-A student. I don't know what possessed him to have a gun.”

Bullock says police especially tried to monitor juveniles last night.

“We try to do is monitor a large gatherings of juveniles or disperse them. Keep an eye on them, and unfortunately now and then someone is going to take advantage of a large crowd and misbehave,” said Bullock.

Bullock said had they needed more officers, she could have called more to the area, but didn’t see a need to.

However, the man who grabbed the 13-year-old after he was shot and took him to safety said there were no cops around when it happened.

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