Woman Charged After Fight With MPD

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman is behind bars with two black eyes and a bandage across her forehead after police claim she fought with them while she was being arrested.

Laquita Hathaway is facing charges of domestic assault, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting official detention after her arrest early Wednesday morning.

According to police, officers were called to the apartment, where the 31-year-old lives, by her boyfriend who claimed she hit him in the head with a “household object.”

Police say that when they arrived, Hathaway had a knife in her hand and was cursing officers. While trying to arrest her, they say Hathaway punched three officers and bit one on the knee.

“Everybody says she is a fighter anyway,” said neighbor Detrice Willis.

But other neighbors said it was MPD doing the fighting and not just Hathaway.

“They stomped that woman, they beat that woman with billy clubs, they kicked that woman, they ran her head into a brick wall and everything,” said neighbor Quin David.

Police said Hathaway was taken to the Med to be treated for her injuries. One officer suffered a busted lower lip.