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Shelby County Residents Buy Fireworks Despite Ban

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(Crittenden Co., AR) Lawler’s Fireworks stand is strategically located at the first exit in Crittenden County off the Harrahan Bridge.

It’s perfect for the many Shelby County customers we saw there. All but one of the first eight cars had Shelby County tags.

One mother said, “They’re going to do that. That’s just a way of life. They’re going to come from Memphis, you know. Where it’s illegal, and buy them and hope for the best. ”

When it comes to fireworks, people have their favorites.

“A few assortment packs have been popular. We’ve sold lots of bottle rockets and Roman candles,” said Jon Shelton, Lawler’s Fireworks.

Latashia Miller came from Memphis to buy fireworks for her son who was just released from the hospital. She’s aware they’re banned in Shelby County.

She said, “We still get to pop them even though they say it’s illegal. So, thank you Memphis PD.”

Memphis police say last year they had about 350 firework complaints. Shelby County Fire had complaints, too.

However, both agencies say there are no records of citations being issued recently. But that doesn’t mean they won’t.

Shelby County Fire PIO Brent Perkins said, “You’re responsible, and up to $50 per occurrence. A fine is possible if you get caught, so it’s just best not to do it. ”

If no one is getting cited for breaking the law, some fireworks lovers say Memphis could keep this revenue on its side of the bridge.

“Memphis lost out on the casino and now they’re losing out on the fireworks and anything else that comes along that can have progress over in Memphis,” said Memphis resident Ray Mosby.