Couple Beaten By Burglars & Their Apartment Burned While They Recovered In Hospital

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(St. Francis County, AR) Amanda Revas and her husband Tony are fresh out of the Med after they were beaten inside their home by a mob of people stealing their new TV.

“They had the TV and DVD in their hands. I asked them to put them back to the cart," said Amanda.

The group of eight to ten men and women started beating her. Amanda’s husband woke up and tried to fight them off, but the couple says they attacked him even harder.

“They started beating me in my face, kicking me in my face, hitting me in the head...kicked me in the stomach”, said Tony.

The mob allegedly took the TV and split. Both Amanda and Tony were left battered and bruised. Paramedics rushed them to the hospital’s trauma unit.

“I didn't think my husband was going to make it," said Amanda.

They both did, and went to a relative’s house and tried to pick up the pieces.

“We called the landlord the next morning and he said you have nothing to come back to, they burned it”, said Tony.

Their home was burned so badly virtually everything inside is gone. The sheriff's office is investigating whether the fire was an accident or set on purpose.

Four people have been arrested in the case, and another four are expected to be arrested in the near future.