Teen Riddled With Bullets, Mom Wants Arrests Made

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(Memphis) A Whitehaven mother is pleading with police for help.

Tanya Lidell's 17-year-old son was shot multiple times last month, and the attempted killers are still on the loose. She says she doesn't believe police are taking action and fears for her own life.

We can't give you their names because police have not charged them with the crime, but Lidell says she knows who shot her son and has given their names, pictures and where they live to police.

Twenty days later, there have been no arrests.

Riddled with bullets. That's really the only way to describe 17-year-old Terrico Clarriett

“He was shot over eight times,” said Lidell. “They had to remove the right side of his skull.”

His mother says it’s a miracle he’s alive and it may take one to get his attackers in jail.

“God is good,” said Lidell. “And all I want is for police to do their job.”

She says her son was ambushed June 13th at the Pepper Tree apartments by men who she says her son told her about earlier that day.

“He had warned me earlier that someone had threatened him and he gave me the guys’ names," she said.

She says those names have been passed onto police, but weeks have gone by, the criminals are still out there and she says the detectives have been a no-show.

”They told me they were going to come out and show him spread sheets of the guys but they never came out and this is day 20… I have left them countless messages. No one has returned my calls," Lidell said.

Police tell News Channel 3 the case is still very active but they can't arrest people based solely on hearsay. Police say the investigation may take longer than Tanya wants.

“I am afraid to come out here and have a cigarette alone,” she said.

In the meantime, Lidell says she fears now for her own life as she visits her son every day at the MED.

“It hurts me because he is a very active kid… I have a lot of people praying with me and that is keeping me strong but I just wish the Memphis Police Department would do their jobs," she said.

Lidell says her son was shot in his back, stomach, arms, legs, in the neck, butt and twice in the head.