Thieves Busted After Answering Stolen Cellphone

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(Memphis) It’s only Monday, but they're already being called 'the week's dumbest criminals.'

A man and woman are in jail after police say they stole someone's cellphone and then tried to sell it back to the victim. Police say the man wasn't buying it.

Marco Williams says he was at work Sunday on Elvis Presley Boulevard when somebody stole his cellphone from his car. He says he had hope that he would get it back, but he had no idea it would be this easy.

“It was really kind of funny,” he said.

Being a victim is not usually amusing.

“When I got back to the car, it was gone,” he said.

But when Williams says when he realized his phone was missing from his Toyota Sunday, it only took one phone call to get it back.

“When I get back to the car and the phone is gone, I start calling it,” said Williams. “Someone answered it. They tell me if I bring them 120 dollars, they would give me the phone back.

He says the alleged crooks didn't outright admit they stole the phone.

“She actually told me she bought the phone from someone and she was just trying to get her money back," he said.

She offered to sell it back to him if Williams met them at a BBQ restaurant just down the street.

“I told them ‘OK. I am headed to the ATM right now,'" Williams said.

But Williams says he did not go to the ATM; instead, he went by the BBQ restaurant and checked out the parking lot to see what kind of car these folks were driving. Then he called 911 and told them exactly what kind of car they should be looking for.

“They went down there and they called me down there a few minutes later," Williams said.

Just like that, Williams had his phone back and the alleged thieves, Erica Butler and Anthony Elion, got booked by police.

“Yeah, they put them in handcuffs and took them to jail," Williams said.

Arrests, he says, thanks to Butler herself who answered the phone.

“Yeah, it would be the dumbest criminal of the week,” said Williams.

Answering the phone let Williams and police know exactly where to find them.

“Do you think they've learned their lesson?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Nah, I doubt it," Williams answered.

Elian and Butler are not only charged with breaking into a car, but also with extortion.