Murder Suspect Released Without Bond

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(Forrest City, AR) Shanekia Gollette can't stop talking about James Holland.

“The only feeling we ever got from James is comfort,” said Gollette. She was Holland’s friend.

The 60-year-old man was riding his bike on Washington Avenue when someone in delivery truck drove up, ran over him and kept going.

Police said that someone is 57-year-old Majed Attahrawi, better known as Mike in Forrest City.

Attahrawi runs a school uniform shop downtown. People nearby said Attahrawi thought the man on the bike had stolen from him.

“I know this guy, nice guy. He said he was stealing, this guy never steals,” said Wesley Bell, a friend.

Police admit the men knew each other, there was an argument and this is how Attahrawi chose to end it.

He was quickly arrested, booked, and  then let go, to await trial at home.

“I didn't know we as a county-tolerated vigilante justice, that's what it seems to me,” said Gollette.

Attahrawi is a longtime resident and businessman, with well-known stores all over town.  Police charged him with first-degree murder.

The police chief said having a suspect set free is hard, but doesn't ruin the case. He's been swamped with residents demanding better.

“We as a police department are going to do whatever we can to ensure the family gets justice,” said E P Reynolds.