Entergy Customers At Risk

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(Southaven, MS) Entergy Regional Manager Don Arnold says customers company-wide are going into a near-panic over what appear to be sudden late notices, with drastic consequences.

”A con artist is calling Entergy customers and saying that their account is past-due and if they don’t receive payment in the next hour, that they’ll be cut off," he said.

He says that so-called con-artist is after your money.

It’s happened in Entergy territories outside Mississippi, but his company is warning everyone.

”We haven’t seen it in Mississippi yet, but we’re urging our customers to be very cautious if they do get a call like those particular ones have," Arnold said.

The calls, in some cases, direct customers to the site “MoneyPak” to pay those bills.

Problem is, MoneyPak isn’t associated with Entergy, and it asks for bank account information that gives the website access to your bank account.

Entergy says low-income and elderly folks are among the most frequent victims of this scheme, because they’re the least familiar with using computers and may not understand the danger in giving out personal information online or over the phone.

Arnold says Entergy never sees that money, and neither do customers.

He says Entergy only make automated calls.

”I urge folks, please do not give out personal information like that. Entergy will never call with a live person," Arnold said.

He says the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to pay bills through your bank or directly through the Entergy website at entergy.com or by phone at 1 (800) 368-3749.