Teen Killed in North Memphis Shooting

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(Memphis) The Memphis Police Department is investigating the tragic murder of a North Memphis teen.

So far they haven’t made any arrest in the shooting on Kney, but family members say the 16-year-old may have been trying to get away from some people who were after him.

The victim’s family says he was a good boy and was gunned down in a drive way around 5 Friday.

“He’s the best baby in the world. Best baby in the world,” said the victim’s father.

His father, who didn’t want to be named, said his son was the best person he knew, and he hates to see his life cut short by the hand of a gunman.

“Ain’t nothing surprise me in this world man. That’s why you got to give your kids to God man, because God just gives them to you temporarily,” said the father.

MPD isn’t saying much.

They say the victim was pronounced dead at the scene and the suspect is known but they don’t have anyone in custody.

“We just like ya’ll trying to find out. All we know is he got shot,” said the victim’s uncle Jesse Mason.

Mason is the victim’s uncle and says it’s time to clean up the streets in North Memphis.

“Anytime anything happens to a kid it’s bad you know, and there are gangs every which way. So we don’t know what happened,” said Mason.

Carla Lewis lives in the neighborhood and says teenagers in the area are extremely violent.

“Little kids around here holding guns and playing with them and stuff like that and they should use them,” said Lewis.

As neighbors crowd around to see what happened, the teen’s father says this hurts all of them as much as it hurts him because the neighborhood was a big part of his son’s life.

“It takes more than a parent to raise a child it takes a whole village so it’s more like their child too,” said the father.

The police department says it’s still investigating to find out what happened, but they are not releasing any information about the suspect who they think maybe responsible, but has not been arrested.