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Some Shelby Suburbs to Face Property Tax Hike

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(Millington, TN) Some Shelby County municipalities may have underestimated how much it would cost to open municipal schools, and now they’re taking a second look at the piggy bank.

All suburbs voted to raise sales taxes half of a percent last year to pay for schools, and now some are facing even more tax hikes.

Millington's Board of Aldermen is considering raising property taxes by 19 cents to go into the general fund. They say they have to do this because revenues are down.

Tim Hendron has young children and said he is more than happy to pay more in property and sales tax to know his children are getting a good education.

“I would say the kids are worth it. If we do it we don`t need to short cut that,” said Hendron.

Right now, early voting is underway in the six municipalities trying to create their own school districts.

If voters approve them, the districts need money to run.

Last year people in Millington, Germantown, Collierville, Bartlett, Arlington and Lakeland all decided to raise their sales tax by half a cent to fund the schools, but the money well is quickly running dry.

Sandra Smith thinks the suburbs should have done a better job of planning.

“I think they underestimated what was going to be going on later on in the future. I don't think they sat down and planned everything out I think they just jumped into it,” said Smith.

Only Arlington and Collierville increased property taxes last year to help pay for the schools.

Collierville’s rate jumped 25 cents, while Arlington’s went up 15 cents.

Now the county is looking at raising property taxes by 36 cents to pay for the unified district, which is double trouble for people living in Germantown and Bartlett.

Germantown’s raising property taxes 44.5 cents, and some of that money will go to schools.

Bartlett raised its property tax rate 13 cents just to break even and is relying on the sales tax to fund schools.

One thing is clear, if the suburbs do create new districts they're going to cost people living there more money.