Man Accused Of Trying To Light His Wife On Fire

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(Memphis) Memphis Police have arrested and charged 66-year-old Andrew Foster on attempted first-degree murder charges.

In the affidavit, police were told by Foster's wife that she confronted him after she spotted him speaking with a female neighbor.

The newly married couple began to argue and police claim Foster attempted to choke his wife Mildred, poured kerosene on her and attempted to light her on fire.

Neighbors report that the couple argues constantly.

"They be beating on the wall. They be fighting a lot," said Danielle Anderson.

"The next door neighbor came outside with a hammer," added Anderson.

" If you normal, yeah you`ll be tired of seeing it, but what can you do," said neighbor OJ Phillips.

Domestic Violence accounts for more than 50 percent of the arrest in Shelby County, but resources to fight the growing problem are shrinking.

"We really have a lack of facilities for women who are victims of domestic violence both for humanitarian reason and for crime reasons we need to step up and do what`s right," said Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy.

Shelby County had to cut funding by almost $40,000 this year to the Family Safety Center where most domestic victims are seen.

Neighbors who lived next to Foster argue the problem will only grow.

"These people are grown old people. If they`re doing it, you can imagine what the young folks are going to do," said Phillips.

Foster is jail without bond and due in court Friday morning.