Memphis Budget: Where Is The Money Going?

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(Memphis) Memphians face a $0.29 property tax rate increase after Memphis City Council approved a budget Tuesday evening. The tax rate will go from $3.11 to $3.40.

"They're getting a 29-cent tax increase but only .03 cents of that is going to help them," said Councilman Jim Strickland, who did not vote for the budget.

Items in the adopted budget include $700,000 for code enforcement, $600,000 for community centers, $1.4 million for the library strategic plan and $606,000 for MATA.

Also in the budget is $12.5 million to restore the city employee 4.6 percent pay cut and $7.95 million for the city reserve fund.

“Ten new code enforcement officers to help us fight blight which all of the communities say we need to do,” explained Councilman Harold Collins.

Council members also had to address issues the state comptroller asked them to address like the increasing cost of healthcare.

“I think the state comptroller will be satisfied with this progress,” said Strickland.

“We’ve satisfied that with this budget so going forward we have a path,” said Collins.