Greg Davis Memo Cites Improper Billing

(Southaven, MS) In a memo to the board of aldermen, Southaven Mayor Greg Davis is concerned the city is paying for grass cutting it's not getting.

Last week, Davis addressed the issue in an interview with News Channel 3.

"With the pics that have shown up and the questions the board doesn't want to pay for something that hasn't been done," said Davis.

Now the outgoing city mayor says he's looked into the matter.

We spoke to him today and he said this kind of thing didn't happen during his entire 16 years in office and it's not going to happen in his last two days.

Alderman George Payne is surprised by Davis's claim, considering Davis himself is accused of improperly billing the city.

But perhaps there is a reason. The grass cutter Davis says is improperly billing the city was hired by the board of aldermen.

He was chosen instead of a longtime Davis friend. Therefore, board members are taking the claim, cautiously.

"We appreciate the work he went forward with and his concern over it but it's something new board will look at we'll do our own investigation," said George Payne, who is an alderman as well as a News Channel 3 employee.

News Channel 3 also checked out Davis's claims and found many of the lots didn't appear cut in quite some time.

Could Davis have a point? Is he just not being heard?

Mayor-elect Darren Musselwhite promised to give it a fresh set of eyes when he takes office in a few days.

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