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Does It Work: Ruggies

Lindy Reynolds has a rug that she loves and she uses it in her children's boutique, LindyLou's in Olive Branch.

The problem is that the rug doesn't stay where it belongs, and tends to slip and slide when people walk on it.

She has agreed to help us test "Ruggies," a $10 product that claims it can keep you rug in place with its sticky polymer grippers that you place on the corner of each rug.

The product also claims that it won't leave behind any sticky residue on the rug or your floor.

Lindy places one "Ruggie" on each corner, but when she steps on the rug it slips and slides just like before.

Time for plan B.  Lindy uses the included "Ruggies" tape, and applies it to each corner, then reattaches the "Ruggies.  It works!

The "Ruggies" are keeping her rug in place, and when she pulls off the "Ruggies" there is no residue as promised.

"Ruggies" you PASS our "Does it Work?" test, just remember that you are probably going to have to use the tape with most rugs.

We purchased "Ruggies" at Walgreens for $10

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