Fans React to Promotion Of Grizz Assistant Coach

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(Memphis) The Memphis Grizzlies are working on a contract to make Dave Joerger their new head coach. Joeger's been the assistant coach for the grizzlies the last six years.

Fan reaction to the promotion has been mixed. Many say they didn't want Lionel Hollins to leave in the first place.

“That was the biggest disappointment of all,” said Toby Gordin, a Lakeland resident.

“I like what Hollins did for the city,” said Richard Thompson, a Memphis resident.

Is the team's assistant coach the next best thing?

“I just heard about it today,” said Kenneth Caldwell.

“What do you think?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“I think we should have gotten more experience in,” said Caldwell.

“It's probably not the reaction Joerger would want to hear.

“I am kinda disappointed that George Karl didn't get it ,” said Gordin.  “You know, a big name. But hey, listen, good luck to him.”

George Karl with the Denver Nuggets and Brian Shaw with the Indiana Pacers were two coaches considered for the job.

But in the end, it looks like Grizzlies management thought Joerger had something to offer.

“I didn't think we were going to get a big name coach any way so why not promote someone who is in the system and knows the organization already,” said Adrian Johnson, a downtown resident.

Joerger has never been a head coach in the NBA, but he’s been an assistant coach with the Grizzlies since 2007 and prior to that won five championships in the NBA’s developmental leagues as a head coach.

“Evidently he has got his stuff together or otherwise he wouldn't be the assistant coach so he has probably got what the management staff wanted,” said Gordin.

Fans just hope he can finish the job that Hollins started.

“Because I thought he did a great job coming-off the best season ever,” said Johnson.

The grizzlies are still ironing out the details of Joerger's contract. The team hasn't yet officially announced the promotion.