Tunica Talks New Gun Law With Business Owners

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(Tunica, MS) Rachel Lane’s grocery store sits miles from the center of Tunica on a state highway.

She knows that to be safe, she has to stay aware.

”I’m always on guard, Lane said. "I never let down my guard."

But with a new gun law taking effect in Mississippi, she says she’ll become even more vigilant.

As of July 1st, anyone can openly carry a gun without any special permit.

Tunica police and sheriff’s deputies met with business owners to make sure they know what rights the new law gives citizens, and them too.

”We wanted them to know, when they can go back to their employees and let them know this is the law and know what to look for and be aware of” said Commander Cedric Davis, who adds he doesn’t want local business employees to panic when they see someone with a gun.

He also wanted to give business owners some tools to protect their rights.

Business owners can put up signs within 10 feet of the entrance of their buildings. Those who insist on carrying weapons past that are subject to arrest.

Lane says she always assumes everyone who comes into her store has a weapon hidden somewhere, just to be safe.

She says knowing most of her customers helps a lot, but with open carry becoming the law of the land, she’ll become even more vigilant.

”It’s not gonna change. I’ve been here 13 years. Nothing will change,” she said.

“You gonna be more aware?” reporter Dennis Turner asked.

“More aware. Always on guard," she replied.

She says that should keep her, and her customers, safe.