Man Shot And Killed In McDonald’s Drive-Thru

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(Memphis) It was a deadly weekend on Memphis streets. Five people were killed, including one person at a McDonald’s drive-thru in East Memphis.

Those who tried to pick up their breakfast at the McDonald’s on Ridgeway Saturday morning say the whole place was a crime scene and the building was even shut down because of the shooting.

“I just saw police had the side of the building blocked-off and wouldn`t let anybody in,” said Clarence Gibson.

Gibson, who’s a construction worker, couldn’t get his breakfast sandwich because homicide detectives were on the job.

“I was shocked,” said Memphis Resident Bruce Dolea.

Authorities say a 29-year-old in the drive-thru shot a young man who unexpectedly jumped inside his car. Paramedics pronounced 21-year-old Tony Woods dead on the scene.

“I just hate that it came down to that,” said Security Guard Kenneth Hearon.

The security guard for the Primacy Place shopping complex wasn't there when it happened.

“I just heard that a guy had got killed over here jumping in someone else`s car," Hearon said.

Hearon wasn’t there because security only works there in the daytime.

“But they need more security at night,” said Dolea.

Dolea, who works next door at Saint Francis Hospital, says the vibe is different here when the sun goes down.

“Breaking in cars, kidnapping," he said.

“It really needs to stop,” said Gibson.

Gibson says the violence needs to stop because people like him should at least be able to pick-up a sandwich in peace.

“You can`t even come get you something to eat without someone getting killed over some nonsense," he said.

Police have not filed charges against the shooter. They say he did have a permit to carry his gun.

The family of the victim says the 21-year-old was drunk and just got in the wrong car by accident.