TN Teacher Pay Debated In Nashville

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(Memphis) State lawmakers in Nashville are preparing for a hearing where they will discuss a proposal that could affect the way teachers are paid and base it more on merit.

Current pay schedules are based on years of service and degrees.

Teachers would earn a mandated base salary plus an extra money in years 1-5, 6-10, and 11-15.

See the pay plan HERE

Teachers with an advanced degree would earn a higher additional amount

It has nothing to do with the school merger in Memphis.

The proposal would affect all teachers in the state of Tennessee.

Governor Haslam contends the plan allows districts to free up some money and use it for hard to staff areas.

House Democrats say the proposal has no legislative input and is something that has been rushed through.

Rep. Craig Fitzhugh, "What are you saying to our children? Well, that advance degree is no longer important. Going into higher education doesn't matter anymore, because we don't even think it matters when your teacher gets a master's degree or a doctor's degree. We are no longer going to pay any more for that."

The state board of education will consider the salary proposal during its meeting today.

If passed it will go into effect this fall.