Mississippi State Baseball Player Convinces Coach To Allow Beards

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John Cohen, the Mississippi State baseball coach, has never allowed his players to grow beards.

But, before the 2013 season began, sophomore relief pitcher Trevor Fitts decided it was time for a change. So he did the only logical thing… he made a Powerpoint presentation.


It seems Cohen “is a frequent user and proponent of PowerPoint presentations,” according to the HailStateBEAT.

Fitts did the necessary research…

Included examples…

And even added some pretty convincing stats about the team’s performance..


And it worked! Cohen decided that, if they wanted to, the players could grow beards.

It seems to have been a good decision — the team made its first College World Series appearance since 2007 this year.

The Bulldogs played Oregon State today in Omaha, Neb. Their 4-1 victory advances them to the CWS championship series.

* Powerpoint slides from HailStateBEAT.