Firefighters Battle A Two-Alarm Fire In Whitehaven

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(Memphis) Flames tore through the Highland Meadows apartments early Thursday morning.

“It was just so scary, so scary,” said Champa Mallett as her home was destroyed.

The fire spread so quickly firefighters could only attack it from the outside.

“It started from a candle,” said Mallett.

The candle was in her home. Mallett forgot about it and went to sleep.

The smell of smoke woke her, “I tried to put it out with some water. It got out of control."

The mom grabbed her five kids and ran outside banging on doors, “I tried to wake up all my neighbors. My kids were running and screaming, they had no clothes, they came out with no clothes."

Eighteen people were left homeless.

The fire swept through eight homes upstairs and down.

Mykeria McMahan, who is 9 years old,  saw flames shooting over her 2nd floor door and screamed at her mom to wake up.

“My momma tried to get out the door. But the door knob was too hot, so she busted out the window with her foot. I jumped out the window,” said Mykeria.

A frightened Mykeria didn’t want to jump, but did anyway.

“I didn't want to die,” said Mykeria, she scraped her arm and leg.

Thankfully, no one died.

Mykeria`s mother was the only person to go to the hospital from her jump, but she's fine.

“My life would have been over if anyone would have been hurt. I feel the pain of other people, that would have torn me to death,” expressed Mallett.

The families are thankful things weren’t worse.

“I’m protected, God saved me,” said Mykeria.