Children Try To Rob Store Owner At Gunpoint

(Forrest City, AR) Lisa Ennis minded the counter tonight at her mother's secondhand store, The Attic.

Lisa's daughter had called her last night after the unthinkable -- someone had attacked Lisa's mother.

Ennis said three boys walked into the store and introduced themselves, saying they were 9 and 14.

“They just pulled the gun out and pulled it on her and she said, ‘Y'all get out of my store.’” said Ennis.

The older boy reportedly wasn't having that.

Police say he beat Lisa's mom in the head with the gun.

She fought back, yelled for help and kept ordering them out until it worked.

Police admire her bravery, but can't say they support it.

She could have been killed.

“We don't want people to get in these conflicts with armed suspects,” said EP Reynolds, Forrest City’s police chief. “Even if they're children.”

For Lisa’s mom, it's more than a job. She's worked here for many years.

Months ago, the owners planned to close the doors.

She scraped together what she could and bought the business, and wasn't ready to fork over her hard-earned cash.

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