Mom Fights Off Attacker Outside Memphis Mall

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(Memphis) A mother fought off an attacker outside a Memphis mall.

This happened Monday at Oak Court Mall.

Signs in the garage at Oak Court Mall alert shoppers and possible crooks security cameras are watching.

Police say those signs didn’t stop Cortez Williams from attacking two women.

According to police, a woman in her thirties, her baby boy and an elderly woman were inside the mall garage when Williams pulled up in a car next to them, hopped out and ambushed the mom for her purse.

The mom was holding her infant son.

The struggle with Williams almost knocked her over.

While cradling her baby, the mom crouched on the ground, clutching her purse.

Williams was not able to snatch the purse.

Police say Williams moved on to the elderly woman.

The 67-year-old wasn't a match for the younger, stronger Williams.

He took her purse, and hopped back in a khaki colored Jeep.

“I can’t imagine having to worry about my mother and my child and my safety all at the same time. That's such a traumatic situation, I would want that for anybody,” said shopper Gwen Hewitt.

The news is a stark reminder; she narrowly escaped a purse snatched awhile back.

“I watched their intention. I pulled myself away and ran off and hailed a cab,” said Hewitt.

The attack on the baby boy and the two women is the latest of about 40 crimes around Oak Court Mall within the last month.

Hewitt warns everyone to pay close attention while they are out and about.

A second man, believed to be the driver of the getaway car, has been arrested.