Memphis Grandma Wants Mayor Ousted

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(Memphis) There is a petition circulating to get Mayor A C Wharton out of office.

It's spearheaded by a Memphis grandmother who says the Mayor lied about the budget, and now her safety is at stake.

"All they hear me say is I'm trying to get Mayor Wharton from office and they say where do I sign," Samantha Rajapakse said.

Rajapakse is leading a charge to get Mayor Wharton out of office.

"He has to go, she said. "It's time for him to go"

She decided to write a petition after sitting at City Hall all day Tuesday.

When she heard the fire chief and police director plead to council not to cut positions, she said she had to do something.

"I don't own a gun, but the police officers own a gun. They are my protection. The fire department is my protection. If they are not there to protect me, then chaos is going to start. It's time for us citizens to take back government," she said.

So she started collecting signatures and hopes the state Attorney General's Office will remove the mayor under the provision that states a public official can be removed if they knowingly or willfully commit misconduct.

She claims the mayor's misconduct is that he hasn't told the truth about city finances.

"He can't explain the budget. He can't explain whats going on."

News Channel 3 asked the mayor's office for a response, but his office ignored our request.

Samantha hopes her petition will be hard to ignore and will make some difference in this budget battle.

This is not the first time she has fought City Hall -- she is currently in the middle of a lawsuit with MLGW over a bill.