Man Holds Vandals And Now Faces Charges, Movie Execs Target Churches, And Cancer Survivor Etheridge Calls Jolie’s Surgery Decision “Fearful”?

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A man in New York is facing charges of child endangerment after stopping two boys who are accused of vandalizing his father-in-law's home.

The damage is worth tens of thousands of dollars.

He put the kids in a closet and held it shut until police could arrive.  Now he's the one in trouble.

Movie executives are drawing parallels between Superman and Jesus.

And they're taking that message to pastors, to boost ticket sales.

They invited pastors across the country to special screenings of "Man of Steel", even wrote a sermon for them entitled "Jesus: The Original Superhero".

It's supposed to get pastors talking, and congregations walking, right into theaters.

Is this a cheap ploy, or does it make sense?

Cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge says Angelina Jolie's decision to undergo a double mastectomy wasn't brave, as it's been reported, but quote, "fearful."

And she's not backing down from those comments. In a statement Tuesday,

Etheridge said she doesn't have any opinion about what Jolie "should have" done, just that it wasn't brave.

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