New Questions Regarding Southaven Spending

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(Southaven, MS) Speeches, handshakes, and plaques capped off this last board of aldermen meeting led by Mayor Greg Davis, but there's still controversy over who's cutting grass in the city.

A longtime Davis friend lost one bid to cut grass in the city. An Olive Branch firefighter promised to do it cheaper. Somehow, city leaders still hired the more expensive gardener to do the cheaper one's job.

“It's been the subject of much discussion I’ve got to tell you” said Greg Guy.

That's because Davis raised new questions tonight. He said that cheaper contractor is billing the city for work it appears he never did.

“With the pictures that have shown up and the questions, the board doesn't want to pay for something that hasn't been done”, said Davis.

One of the lots is off Highway 51 and Rasco. The city got a bill for cutting it, but photos show the contractor didn't finish the job. Some aldermen say it's just the way the billing cycle works

The new mayor, Darren Musselwhite, sat in on the discussion and promised change.

“I'm going to look at it with a fresh set of eyes so we can find solutions and we don't have or can minimize these issues”.