DeSoto Leaders Address Flood Woes

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(DeSoto County, MS) Maurice Batemon won’t soon forget last month’s floods that covered roads and intersections, and threatened homes, including those in his own neighborhood.

His neighbors across the street got the worst of it.

”Got into their house, man," he said. "Flooded the whole yard out. They had a Chrysler 300. It actually moved the car in the high creek”.

Roads and homes flooded across DeSoto County so fast, county supervisors had trouble getting to the problem areas.

”It was raining to hard that I had to start pulling garbage cans out of the road,” said Supervisor Lee Caldwell.

That’s why county supervisors wasted no time to pay for repairs in several spots around the county and to seek some long-term solutions.

DeSoto County is riddled with creeks and drainage ditches, which can easily fill up in a hard rain. County leaders voted to band together with other government entities to clean them out to improve water flow and prevent flooding.

Supervisors say they’re reaching out to flood districts, the state and even federal leaders to coordinate a plan of attack to open drainage channels all over the county so floodwater has a place to go.

”We approved those projects in order to make repairs so our citizens all are safe and also ensure water that comes in will have the proper channels for the water to flow,” Caldwell said.

She hopes it will be a long time before we see this again, but realizes we could see a repeat anytime.

Neighbors are glad somebody’s watching out for them.

“Give you some piece of mind?” reporter Dennis Turner asked.

“Yeah," Batemon replied.

But he’ll keep an eye to the sky next time it rains, just in case.