Two of Four Men Charged in Shooting, Crash Head to Court

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(Memphis) Two of four suspects accused of firing shots at the Aspenwood Apartments will be in court today.

"I heard six to eight of them," one neighbor said. "Dude was shooting in broad daylight."

Four men in a car opened fire. No one was hit, but police say that when they tried to get away, their silver car crashed into an 18-wheeler driving south of Mendenhall near Knight Arnold.

"We first hear people screaming and stuff, and I look out and dude is crawling out the backseat and laid across the street," neighbor "Kash" said.

The four men in the car went to the hospital. Police have charged Princeton Vaughn and Bobby Gibbs with two counts of aggravated assault. Police said the suspects fired shots in the direction of an apartment where two women were inside. No one was hit.

People who live in the area say this is just latest crime of many in the area.

"It's kind of crazy, young people acting like this," neighbor Chris Mayfield said. "I'm scared to walk to the store sometimes."

This is the second time shots were fired at this apartment complex. Just five weeks ago, several rounds went off, hitting two 17-year-old boys.

"We saw that one, too, where the little dude got shot in the back," Kash said.

In the last three months in a half mile radius of the Aspenwood Apartments, there have been 11 aggravated assaults, 19 burglaries and 15 felony drug violations.

Neighbors are calling for action.

"We need more police presence," neighbor Carl Anderson said.