New Payroll Plan Announced For Legacy SCS Employees

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(Memphis) The interim superintendent sent an email to Shelby County employees regarding adjustments to their pay schedule.

Dorsey Hopson wrote, "Although the solution is not perfect and will require additional administrative oversight, it is designed to mitigate potential hardships on our employees."

The letter outlined the new plan:

"Effective July 1, legacy SCS teachers and legacy SCS 10-month salaried employees will be paid over twenty-seven (27) pay periods instead of twenty-six (26) pay periods.  No pay periods will be missed, and the first paycheck issued to these legacy SCS employees by the unified district will be August 2.  At the conclusion of 2013-14 fiscal year, all employees’ pay schedules will be harmonized. At that time, all employees will be placed on a twenty-six (26) pay period schedule."

The letter stressed that the plan is only for legacy SCS teachers and legacy SCS 10-month salaried employees.

It also stated, "The original payroll adjustment option communicated to teachers and 10-month salaried employees last week is no longer necessary or available."

Hopson thanked SCS employees for their patience.

"We are diligently working under difficult circumstances to ensure that all aspects of the merger are timely implemented," he wrote.

Hopson says the board will be ready to open schools in August.

"As we work continue to work toward the merger, I cannot guarantee that other difficult issues will not surface," he wrote. "However, I can guarantee that we will be transparent about any problematic issues, and we will work to resolve all concerns in a fair manner."