Fake Security System Salesman Concerns Residents

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(Memphis) Jackie Harris uses her burglar alarm system every night, which is why she and her husband paid close attention when a man knocked on their door and said he was there to fix it.

“(My husband) let him in, and once he let him in, he got leery because he was talking too fast and went directly to the alarm”, said Harris

She said the man claimed he was from the company who made her alarm system.

She has their sign on front her door.

Now she uses another company to monitor her system, and the man claimed he was from them too.

It sent up way too many red flags.

“We kept asking for a card and he didn't want to give a card, he didn't have anything business wise with him”, said Harris.

The man's words immediately raised an eyebrow at the Better Business Bureau. They know this tactic and say it's easy to get fooled into buying a new alarm system and not even know it.

“They may say there have been burglaries in neighborhood, or your homeowners association suggested we talk to you, and it's not the case at all”, said Randy Hutchinson.

That's exactly what happened in Harris' neighborhood.

We checked with the alarm companies and law enforcement. We found no real increase in crime there and no idea who this person may be.

Harris says don't be fooled.