Outlet Mall Still On Drawing Board

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(Southaven, MS) Shelia Milligan drives more than one hundred miles to shop in Southaven, and has grown excited about the outlet mall slated for the corner of I-55 and Church Road.

”We’ve seen it several times," she said. “I think it’s terrific. We come up here to shop and we’re anxious there’s gonna be a new mall”.

But months after most had expected to see progress on this land, it’s still sitting vacant.

Some are starting to talk about the project moving somewhere else.

So far, there’s no proof of that.

Lots of folks have wondered for months why they haven’t seen any progress on this project, but Southaven leaders say it’s not unusual for developments this big to take extra time.

City officials gave us much the same answer they did when we last asked about the mall project months ago.

”Everything as far as I know, is full-steam ahead. I’ve heard nothing different” said Southaven Planning Director Whitney Choat-Cook.

But some believe the project could move to property already zoned and developed for a mall, across the interstate in Horn Lake, right across the existing Southaven mall.

Southaven leaders say they’d be surprised if it did.

”Nothing’s locked in, till the dirt starts moving and it’s on the ground. But they have put a lot of investment in this project., I would find it hard to believe if they would go to another location at this point" said Choat-Cook.

Prospective shoppers hope she’s right.

”We’ve seen the signs and we were wondering when it’s gonna be built or what the delay was."

We contacted developers for their response to the talk and for a progress report. We’re still waiting to hear back from them.