Neighbors Guard Homes, Families After Shocking Murder

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(Memphis) Neighbors of Bobbie Jean Edinbourgh are looking for answers two days after she was found murdered in her home.

Edinbourgh, who was in her mid 70s, was found stabbed Tuesday afternoon at her home at 1129 West Lexington Circle in North Memphis.

“I’ve known Ms. Edinbourgh since I was 11 years old,” said next door neighbor Cedric Clayborn.

He lives with his elderly mother and said he is concerned as long as a killer is on the streets.

“A good woman, nice woman, she will get on you when you’re doing something wrong. She will let you know. But I don’t see why somebody would do her like that,” added Clayborn.

He is one of many who is anxiously awaiting answers from Memphis Police about the investigation.

MPD spokeswoman Alyssa Macon-Moore said Thursday there has been no arrest, but that “neighbors should know that we are working diligently to find the person responsible for this homicide.”

There are several elderly people living in the neighborhood, which is also full of vacant, boarded homes with overgrown grass.

“This is a neighborhood that’s been plagued with crime for years. Murder is something new, especially a couple of doors down,” said neighbor Ambra Kidd.

She also wants to know who is responsible.

“The lady down the street and the lady next door, they’re elderly, they don’t get around well, and to think about somebody doing this to an elderly lady. Somebody who is defenseless... who would do something like that for what reason,” Kidd said.

Family members were questioned after the elderly woman’s body was found. So far there have been no arrests.